Trisha (n): 19. Animanga enthusiast. Bookworm. I make themes and graphics and draw sometimes. Please read the FAQ before asking anything!~

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Anonymous: Your blog is beautiful and you are an absolutely amazing person ( /)w(\✿)

waaaaaah what what what what ;u;

Anonymous: Where did u learn to make all these edits and gifs?

I learned from tumblr tutorials and by playing around with PS often c: 

yeahps ans pscs5 both have a large collection of tutorials. you can start from there and work your way through PS

Doomed, damned, dead.

"But for you who have been abandoned, love does not exist. Signs of a pretense like that must be eliminated. I will now give you new names to be called.”

Was it by luck or by design?

Ciel “Smile” Phantomhive.
Anonymous: When I follow your instructions for the gif over the background, I don't get the white thing behind the gif.

oh the white frame thing?

it’s a polaroid frame i downloaded from deviantart. just pick a frame, drag it on to the gif, resize it and you’re done c:

Target: Locked


1 gfx/episode: senpai & kouhai [episode 4: bitter orange]

"i’m going to make this perfectly clear! you said that i’ve got friends, but you’re totally wrong on that account! kuriyama-san, you’re the one who doesn’t know anything!"

Anonymous: How did you put a background on the SAO Extra beach scene? Thanks ^-^

that’s easy as a pie c:

  1. select all of your frames
  2. select all of your gif layers (exclude coloring and such, just the layers for the scene)
  3. resize the layers by clicking on one of those boxes in the corners and dragging it to desired size
    click one of the boxes (called sizing handles; circled in blue), click the icon that looks like a paper clip (circled in red) between width and height values, type a percentage where it says 100.00
  4. reposition the layers if needed
  5. open background texture
  6. drag background texture to gif
  7. drag background layer to the very bottom of the layers panel (the layer should be below the gif layers
Anonymous: What if you woke up to your favorite character licking your face?

there’s only one image to explain how i’d feel

Anonymous: Where can I get this dark grudge texture? :)

northerdawn’s deviantart gallery c:

SAO II Photoset per Episode: Episode 4