mamura daiki
is my shooting star

Trisha (n): 18. Animanga enthusiast. Bookworm. I make themes and graphics and draw sometimes. Please read the FAQ before asking anything!~
m y l o v e l y w a i f u

formerly miketsukamis


anime??? what’s that?? haha i’ve never heard of that… yeah i have No idea what you’re tlaking about haha yeah… *starts walking away* yeah i’m not lying *falls down and millions of pictures of kaworu nagisa fall out of my pockets* those???? i’ve never seen them before

hanae-ichihara: TRISHA-CHAAAAAAN ~ OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU! Now you're a old woman like me! haha ♥ Happy Bday bby! ^3^

NIE-CHAN thank you! ;u; hahahaha yes i am

soiknowthisguywhoknewthisguy: Happy birthday dear!

thank you! c:

Anonymous: You're in like every follow forever lmao

yeah i dont even deserve them OTL